Increase your Mailing List Opt In's

Would you like to Increase your Mailing List Opt In's by up to 500% and promote your online business (for free)? (seriously).

Check it out guys, we designed Daily Handout as an incentive to increase opt in's to your online business.

Geared towards digital businesses.

Do you have an digital online product or service? Do you sell some type of downloadable product, such as software, music, audio, 
art, design, ebooks, informational products?

We have noticed a mailing list Opt In increase of nearly 500% at idevSpot already, and these are all OPT IN's.

We have opened up this service to any online business website that wants to promote their digital based products or services (we may expand to non-digital based products/services later).

It's easy, all you need to do is create a Merchant account, list your contest (you can offer different contests each day or re-run the same contest daily).

You will be given your own unique Daily Handout URL, such aswww.dailyhandout.com/idevspot

Link back from your website, or on your Facebook, Twitter, etc... to promote your contest.

EVERY user who enrolls in your contest will be asked if they want to subscribe to your Mailing List.

You will have access to any user who has OPTED IN to your mailing list from your Daily Handout Control panel.

This is a GREAT way to create highly targeted, interested leads and build your mailing list.

We have so far seen a 300-500% increase in our own Opt In's, so if it's working for us, it will work for you too!

The best part is, this is going to grow, as we get more and more users, your products/services are going to be exposed to even more visitors.

Our contest promotion system shares YOUR contest with users who enroll in other contests related to yours.

This means, that while you link to Daily Handout to increase your Opt IN percentages, other users will be doing the same, and you will be exposed to each others traffic.

Give it a try guys, let us know what you think. We are still a little bit beta, but everything should be running well enough, give us feedback & let us know what kind of results you're getting.

Remember, to LINK BACK to YOUR contest once you have set one up so that your visitors realize that they can win (whatever your product or service is). This is what will increase your mailing list Opt In's and help us to grow.

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