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Offer your website visitors incentive to join your mailing list, by offering a free daily contest giveaway prize! You can integrate your own companies contest offering directly into your website, or you can link back to our website to grow your mailing list. Research has shown that offering promotional giveaways help to encourage visitors to subscribe to your mailing list at an increased rate of anywhere between 200% and 500%!

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When you offer a promotional contest on Daily Handout, your contest will appear in numerous locations on our website. OUR USERS will be exposed to YOUR COMPANY. Whenever one of OUR USERS enrolls in one of YOUR contests, they will be given the option to OPT IN to your mailing list! You will gain new mailing list subscribers who are VERY INTERESTED in your product!

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We expose related merchants to each-other! Other Merchants, just like YOU are using Daily Handout to promote their RELATED products and services. What we do, is expose related contests from other merchants like YOU, to our users, whenever they enroll in a contest. What this means, is that, interested visitors from MANY websites related to yours will be visiting Daily Handout and we will be matching related merchant contests so that our merchants gain viral exposure from each other... you can only imagine how this will increase exposure to your company!

Win, win, win...
This is a unique, win-win situation folks. That's why it's free to use. Everyone benefits, no-one loses. This is mutual business building for the good of all, merchants and users.

Strict Privacy Policy
We keep a strict privacy policy, no spam or spam websites will be allowed. All of our users are ASKED to OPT IN to any mailing list that they join, this ensures only the highest quality service for both user and merchant alike.

Currently, Daily Handout serves ONLY digital products and services (such as software, ebooks, audio & video products, art, design & so on). Most of our contests are directly downloadable by our winners. We also allow website services, such as web hosting, web design, consultation & other web deployable services. We hope to expand on this in the future!

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