Marketing Your Digital Products for Less

Everybody needs to make a living. Almost everybody has something to sell. If you're here, you(probably) know about webmasters and the importance of internet marketing. If you know about IM(internet marketing) then you know how crazy important your list building is. For the new marketers, your list is simply a list of emails that are obtained by customers signing up to hear more about your products and special offers.  This is, in and of itself,  a list of interested sales leads.  This ought to have caught up the new people -- on to the topic at hand.

So I thought it interesting when I found this post on the wickedfire forums. A very well respected member of the forum, Benji49 declares 

"Now I don't know about YOUR NICHE, but in in my NICHE (stock market investing), there are guys who have been running websites for about 15 years, no s**t. These guys don't know about Matt Cutts, they possible give two flying f***s about Google (or not) and most of them don't know SEO and don't care to hire anybody who will do seo for them.

But the LIST. Oh my the email list. That is sacred. That is the fount from which all wealth flows. They worship the list. They caress the list. Day in and day out, they think of ways to build up The List. Add to it. Grow it. Love it.

Because if you have The List, you no longer have to be Google's b***h."

Now, this is extremely important. When you control your own sales leads, you control your own sales destiny. No google update will crush your soul. No serp devaluation will define your business.  You are in the drivers seat with a huge list of your own interested leads.

Now, onto the point. The value of your list is immeasurable, we got that -- but how to grow this list? Well you happen to be in luck, because www.dailyhandout.com has created a list builder for you of EPIC proportions.  You simply create an account, upgrade it to a merchant account -- oh yeah by the way this is ALL TOTALLY FREE -- and then you list one or more of your products as a free giveaway contest. Now put a prominent link from your main sales website titled, Free Daily Stuff -- 'Stuff' being whatever product you are selling. Software, e-books, music, services, photos, art, templates -- you get the picture. Whatever it is that you sell, you want to give away. 

Now from the traffic you are receiving on your main sales site, many of them will want to win a free product since everybody likes free stuff. They will click your link and signup for the contest, and thereby JOINING YOUR LIST.  In our beta testing of this method, it has increased signups in the 300-500% range. Obviously, this will soon make a HUGE impact on your business.

The emails that you get enrolled, are yours and yours forever. In our merchant control panel, you can export your list anytime to use in other applications and send out mailers to your interested legions.

Get there, and be square. Good luck.

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