How to Get Lots of Views to your YouTube Video

In this article, I will talk about my path of discovery in creating popular YouTube videos which get a lot of views. A lot of this is speculative, but I hope to prove certain theories about which YouTube videos receive a lot of views and why.

Popularity Theory

Google is in charge of YouTube and Google always seems to be trying to determine what is popular among users. Popular videos should get a lot of ranking priority because they are popular. If they are popular, they must be good. Google likes to deliver good, popular content so that people will in turn, like using Google/YouTube.

So this theory would indicate that a video which starts out strong, getting a lot of views, likes, channel subscribes (etc), would be seen by YouTube's ranking algorithm as being more popular. Because it seems popular, relative to other newly posted videos, YouTube is going to boost it's ranking up to show it to other YouTube users. As more users view the video, and more users like the video, the more and more a video will be highlighted on YouTube.

So it is important that a video is good. That people actually will like it when they watch it. That's a part of creating a popular video on YouTube... it should be a good video. Makes sense so far?

Getting Clicks

So getting those initial views seems to be very important. Getting those initial Likes. Some YouTubers use an appealing thumbnail, such as an attractive sexy thumbnail of a woman's breasts to encourage users to want to click a video, because clicks, seem to be relevant in addition to Likes, just raw clicks seem to effect the popularity of a video. Even if the thumbnail isn't even related to the video, having a thumbnail that gets clicked, seems to boost the video.

Making Video Comments

Since getting clicks and likes in the early stages seems to be important, it's important to figure out a way to get users to view your video. One way of doing that is by posting your video, as a video comment, on another related, popular video. Most YouTube videos require comment approval, but some don't. Digging around and posting your video as a comment to other related videos until you find a video that allows you to post video comments freely may be very helpful in creating ranking.

Using Non-YouTube Sources to Increase Views

If you can use non-YouTube sources to link to your video and increase it's views, especially in the early stages, I believe that this can help a lot in how popular your video will grow, and how quickly.

Tapping Trending Topics

If you can supply a video of a trending topic. Something that is popular right now, something that people are searching for, and use good search words, video title, etc... your video could get a lot of views from search, which could rocket it's popularity.
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